Wool Judging

  • We hope to use this page to recognize any past and current Alpha Gamma Rho men on an SDSU team


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         One word can sum up the South Dakota State University Wool Judging team: competitive. With two national championships to its  credit and numerous top-10 finishes, the team has become known as a national contender.


         The Wool Judging team allows students a chance to participate in an activity that is a viable part of South Dakota's livestock economy. Students gain experience in grading, placing, and oral reasons. Many past members of SDSU wool judging teams have become actively involved in the sheep industry. Others have participated on the team to develop thinking and communication skills.


    This list will obviously be missing many at first if you could help us by letting us know if you or any other brother was on a team that would be great.

    Send any info to agralphaphialumni@gmail.com