Strategic Plan

  • Alpha Gamma Rho


    Alpha Phi Chapter

    South Dakota State University




    Vision Statement

    To be a distinguished fraternity, rooted in Agriculture, which takes pride in our values, our positive culture, and in our influences on our members, through scholarship, campus leadership and the development of life long relationships.

    Developed January 23rd and 24th, 2015

    By the Executive Committee and Alpha Phi Alumni

    With the assistance of Brother Zane Akins


    1.       Leadership Involvement

    Goal Statement

    To help each member recognize the need for involvement and to facilitate the passion of each brother to be an involved member within the chapter, campus, and community to gain helpful skills for their future.

    • Action Steps:
      • Complete at least one campus wide philanthropy event during each officer term that everyone participates in- VNR Planning with philanthropy Committee, organized before Nov 20th.
      • Identify the interest of each new member in order to encourage involvement in at least one on campus organization within their first semester and to seek leadership roles within that organization.- VNR- Recruitment, Membership, and Big Brother program.
      • Encourage VNR positions to develop committees to help utilize and involve younger members- Noble Ruler
      • Implement a brotherhood evaluation system to allow every brother to engage and encourage personal, professional growth and to ensure growth areas. VNR-Development organized by Mid-terms.
      • Implement the 5 Order Plan to help recognize the brothers that are investing their time in the chapter and the community. VNR-Development
      • Communicate a 6 month calendar of events to all members and alumni that is updated on a monthly basis- VNR activities, and Alumni Relations by first of the month.
      • Have at least 4 CABS Ambassador at all times – NR, apply in spring
      • Strongly encourage all members to attend the campus career fair and to apply for an internship in their field of study. – Development


    2.     Recruitment

    Goal Statement

    To actively seek out and initiate elite young men with strong values dedicated to the enhancement of the agriculture industry, our chapter, and the lifelong pursuit of excellence.

    • Attend National Recruitment School Annually. VNR- Recruitment and Asst.
    • Develop and update regularly a written recruitment plan and post on AGR Connect – VNR Recruitment, One week post recruitment school annually
    • Establish a written rubric with new member criteria in order to screen potential recruits. VNR- Recruitment. Reviewed by chapter prior to recruitment week.
    • Establish a chapter recruitment school in order to refresh current members on recruitment abilities. VNR- Recruitment one week post recruitment school and one week before each recruitment schedule.
    • Seek recommendations from Alumni for new recruits by hosting an out-reach phone-a-thon April 15th. VNR-Alumni Relations and Recruitment.
    • Host a dinner during the FFA State Convention– Co-Stewards, April annually
    • Update and revise scholarship annually by Feb 15th - NR, VNR- Scholastics and Recruitment.
    •  Wearing our letters once per week – Assistant Recruitment, monthly
    • Maintain a membership roster of 60-75 members per year. VNR- Recruitment, NR, Development
    • Seek professionals for honorary initiations – VNR Alumni Relations and board, for and annual initiation


    3.       Alumni and Undergrad Relations

    Goal Statement

    To cultivate and nurture a relationship, based on effective communication and engagement, that builds a welcoming environment amongst alumnus and undergrad members and recognizes the need for a commitment of shared goals and eternal prosperity of our beloved fraternity.

    • Recognize Active Alums in Crescent and establish an award- VNR Alumni Relations and Alumni Board
    • Update and revise alumni contact information for future reference. Decrease lost Alumni list by 50%- VNR Alumni Relations and Alumni Board
    •  Work with the SDSU Alumni Foundation to seek out lost Alumni-VNR Alumni Relations and Alumni Board
    • Establish and appoint a position on the Alumni Board to observe and council on the integrity of the physical properties of the Fraternity at least monthly.-Alumni Board, VNR- Management and Operations, and External
    • Invite at least one representative from the Alumni Board to attend a monthly chapter Formal Supper and Meeting- NR, VNR Alumni Relations, and Development
    • Have a meeting with the Exec Team and the Alumni Board at least once a Semester- Board President and NR
    • To have all the chapter meetings and Alumni Board meeting Minutes posted on the Chapter Website- VNR Planning, Computer Chair, Alumni Website Manager
    • Recognize  one Chapter member, Alumni member, and one business/ Friend of AGR by posting an article on the Chapter’s Website- VNR Development, Alumni Relations, and Vote of Chapter
    • Establish an Alumni relations day to the first home football game and a home basketball game in the month of January. –VNR Activities and Alumni Board
    • Post the physical property improvements needed on the Chapter Website to increase awareness.- Computer Chair, VNR Management and Operations Alumni Website Manager
    • Have Undergrad members reach out to an Alumni member once a semester to inform them on current Chapter Activities.- VNR Alumni Relations and all members of the Chapter.
    • Encourage current Exec Board to reach out to past Exec team positions to seek advice.- Current Exec Team


    4.     Pride/ Positive Atmosphere

    Goal Statement

    Pride is a feeling of self-worth; and manifests itself in a positive attitude towards ourselves as individuals, our fraternity, and our University. We shall strive to attain these goals.

    • Ensure that everything that is started by the Fraternity is completed.- NR
    • Utilize the Seven step confrontational Plan to solve potential disputes.-NR
    • Take pride in the overall presence of the house and Fraternity.-NR and VNR Operations and Management
    • Be tolerant of the opinions of our fellow brothers and be aware that our opinions are as varied as our backgrounds.
    • Respect the property of all brothers.
    • Hold a Covenant Review every semester. NR and Membership Development
    • One extensive cleaning and maintenance project every month.- VNR Operations and Management and External.
    • Recognize the Brother of the Week and Scholastic of the week.- VNR Membership Development and Scholastic.
    • Implement a brotherhood evaluation system to allow every brother to engage and encourage personal, professional growth and to ensure growth areas. VNR-Development organized by Mid-terms.
    • Respect the importance of the Letters of Alpha Gamma Rho


    5.      Academics

    Goal Statement

    Foster an environment that is conducive to superior academic achievement and with that our membership’s success in their professional futures.

    • Ensure that each member obtains a minimum of a 2.5 GPA, while striving for a 3.0  Chapter Cumulative GPA.- VNR Scholastic
    • Establish and maintain a log of all the classes taken by the brothers including grade, semester, and professor. Updated each semester.- VNR Scholastics and Library Chair.
    • Make sure test files are updated on a semester basics.- VNR Scholastics
    •  Establish a Chapter academic excellence list of top 25% semester GPAs along with recognizing the top two Most improved.- VNR Scholastics
    • Require every member to post a current class schedule on their room doors. Posted 2 days after Drop Day.- VNR Scholastics
    • Establish study groups composed of Mini of 4 brothers in the Chapter’s Library to hold a 2 hour study session per week. The highest group is rewarded. VNR Scholastics.
    • Require mid-term grade check for each brother.- VNR Scholastics
    •  Recognize Scholastic of the week.- VNR Scholastic


    6.       Philanthropy

    Goal Statement

    To impress upon our brothers the importance of servant leadership by participating in events designed to help strengthen our community, campus, and ourselves.

    • Complete at least one campus wide philanthropy event during each officer term that everyone participates in- VNR Planning with Philanthropy Committee, organized before Nov 20th.
    • Be noted for our philanthropic efforts in the community in order to have more opportunities arise. VNR Planning and Philanthropy Committee.
    • Post all Philanthropic activities on AGR website, local newspaper, and Crescent.- Computer Chair, Philanthropy Committee, Fundraising and..
    • Be in contact with SDSU administration in order to allocate ideas and potential philanthropic partners.- NR, VNR Planning, Philanthropy Committee
    • Be open to all ideas and opportunities for Philanthropy.- Philanthropy Committee and VNR Planning 



    Previous Strategic Plan created Feb 6, 2006


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