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    Many of the Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Phi members help to make the Jackrabbit Memorial Jackpot Show possible 


    March 2-4, 2018

    W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds

    Sioux Falls, SD

              The Jackrabbits Memorial honors the lives of Brent Beitelspacher, DJ Fischer, Logan Rau, Nick Reimann, and Lisa Johnson. This show enables their families to continue shining their lights within the industry they loved so much.  The show is hosted by South Dakota State University Block and Bridle and AGR members looking to make their own contributions to the agriculture industry. The Jackrabbits Memorial is incredibly passionate about promoting the continuation of education within the agriculture industry. This passion of giving back to the agricultural community also ran deep with each of the five individuals lost in 2014. Scholarships and funds are raised by the students who make this show a success.





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    2016 JACKRABBIT Memorial Wrap up

    As we are wrapping up the last pieces of the 2016 Jackrabbit Memorial, we've been trying to find the words to show our appreciation of everyone's support.

    This year's show was record breaking:
    ~300 head of cattle - 200 heifers & 100 steers
    ~200 exhibitors
    ~8 states represented

    From our numerous sponsors who allow us to be able to put on our show to the exhibitors and families who make the haul to South Dakota, we wouldn't be able to do it without you. 

    This year we were able to partner with some awesome businesses to bring a bigger and better show. We appreciate Legacy Livestock ImagingWeaver Leather LivestockH and H Show Supplies, and The Showtimes Jr. Livestock Magazine for helping along the way. And of course the wonderful staff at the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds.

    Last but not least, we need to say a big THANK YOU to the Jackrabbit Memorial Committee. These students from the SDSU Alpha Gamma Rho-Alpha Phi and SDSU Block and Bridle have put in countless hours to make this show a reality.

    Once again, thank you to everyone who has joined us in making the 2016 Jackrabbit Memorial Jackpot Show a major success. See you in 2017!

    Photo credit to our Official Photographers: Legacy Livestock Imaging


    A special thanks to these committee members that made it happen


    2016 Official backdrop pictures can be found on




    Thanks to the 2016 committee for all their hard work putting this together




    B&B/AGR Jackrabbit Memorial is moved to Sioux Falls, SD in 2016.

    Due to some unforeseen circumstances that arose with our previous location, it was in the best intrest of the show to move to Sioux Falls. 

    This will give us the ability to host more cattle and exhibitors without dealing with the space issues we've experienced in the past. We are still working on the final details, but there is also a possibility for tie stalls and tie out for the first time.

    We are excited for the 2016 show and all the ideas we are working on. 

    If you have any questions, please ask one of the 2015 Steer Show Committee Chairs. Dakota Thomas 608.574.2323 Jacob Reed 507.402.6997


    Cover photo



    What happened different in 2015:
    -SDSU B&B/AGR Jackrabbit Memorial in honor of DJ Fischer, Nick Reimann, Brent Beitelspacher, Logan Rau, and Lisa Johnson
    -Completely combined with Block & Bridle this year
    -2 Shows, 2 Rings, 1 Day
    -Scholarships in honor of all the men and Lisa
    -Booth spaces


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    Sdsu Agr Steer & Heifer Show


    More pictures are availible on the agr steer show facebook page



                  2014 Grand Champion Steer 


                   2013 Grand Champion Steer

    2013 Grand Champion Steer


                   2012 Grand Champion Steer

    2012 Grand Champion Steer