Pink Rose

  • What is Pink Rose?

    Pink Rose is what Alpha Gamma Rho calls their formal event. At SDSU, Pink Rose occurs every year in the Spring. At this event, members have the opportunity to bring a date and spend a weekend socializing and bonding at a certain location decided on by the chapter. Not only does this give members the chance to bond with eachother, but it is also an opportunity to build relationships with alumni as well.


    55th Pink Rose

    Aberdeen, South Dakota



    53rd Pink Rose

     Was held on February 4th


    52nd Pink Rose

     Was held at the Holiday Inn City Centre hotel in Sioux Falls on February 6th 


    Guest Speakers both Alpha Gamma Rho Alumni













    Scott VanderWal National                                                                               Tim Nichols SDSU Dean

    Farm Bureau Vice President                                                                               of the Honors College

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    51st Pink Rose was held February 7th at the Radisson in Bloominton, MN

    2015 Pink Rose program


     50th Pink Rose

         The 50th Pink Rose was held in Sioux Falls on February 1st 2014. We had a great alumni turn out and had alumni from all ages. We had a sucssfull fundraising effort, to help to pay money down on the mortgage of the house. Also Dr. Jason Johnson anounced to the large gathering that the boiler installed in the 1970's in the current house would no longer be allowed to pass inspection. 



     Thanks to Andrea Paulson for the photography 

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     2016 Pink Rose

    2015 Pink Rose 

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    25th Anniversary Founders Day


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