New Initiates

  • Fall 2021 Class



    Example bios below



    Tucker Roeker #1057

    Janesville, MN

    Animal Science

    Big Brother: Tanner Schweer

         I wanted to get involved in AGR for the purpose of extending my connections within the Ag industry as well as to better myself as a person. Before I came to college, my good friend Tanner Schweer and I talked about his involvement in AGR and how it helped him grow as a person. After hearing his stories, I knew I wanted to be apart of such a great fraternity that would  better myself in preparation for the future. I am very proud to be a part of this fraternity, and look forward to seeing what it can do for me, but also what I can do for it. 


    Kaden Eisenbraun #1058

    Quinn, SD

    Ag Science

    Big Brother: Nathan Howlett

    Kaden comes from Quinn, South Dakota, where he grew up working on his family's ranch. He plans on taking over the ranch upon graduating from SDSU and as well as continuing his education at either New Mexico State University or Oklahoma State University. He first became interested in AGR after speaking with Adam Krause during his freshman year at SDSU. Kaden liked how it focused on agriculture.  


    Shane Peterson #1059
    Northfield, MN

    Ag Business

    Big Brother:


    Jake Post #1060

    Chandler, MN

    Dairy Production

    Big Brother: Jacob Bierstedt

    Hi, my name is Jake Post and I am a Freshman Dairy Production Major. I come from a small Dairy Farm outside of Chandler, MN. I first heard of AGR when I was a junior in high school when my sister joined Sigma Alpha. I was introduced to the fraternity my senior year Jacob Bierstadt showed me the house and introduced to some of the members.


    Josh Brown #1061

    Peterson, MN

    Animal Science

    Big Brother:


    Bevan Holmgren #1062

    Southbend, IN

    Ag Educaiton

    Big Brother


    Sam Schaunaman #1063

    Aberdeen, SD


    Big Brother:

    Hi, I am Samuel Schaunaman. I am currently a freshman at South Dakota State University, majoring in Agricultural Systems Technology. My big brother is Stephen Simon. I am from Aberdeen, South Dakota. I grew up on a family farm just west of Aberdeen. We have a cow calf herd, and we grow wheat, corn, soybeans and alfalfa. The farm is currently ran by my father, Craig Schaunaman, and my uncle, Kirk Schaunaman. As a future plan for myself I would like to eventually take over the farm and use the same techniques as well as new techniques to make it run as efficiently as possible, as well as have a steady but slow growth like it has been. 


    Andrew Heine #1064

    Vermillion, SD

    Ag Business

    Big Brother: Dan Larson

    Hi my name is Andrew Heine. I’m from Vermillion, SD. I’m currently majoring in Agribusiness with a minor in Agronomy. My big brother is Dan Larson. I come from a family farm just south of vermillion where we raise Black Angus feeder cattle, sheep and pigs. On our land we grow corn and soybeans and also have our own seed corn company that serves over 500 customers. In my future I want to get into sales of either seed or chemical and hopefully take the knowledge I learn from other companies after a couple years and return the farm business to help it grow. 


    Tye Harris #1065

    Plankinton, SD

    Ag Business

    Big Brother:

     Hi my name Tye Harris. I am from Plankinton, South Dakota and I’m currently a freshman here at SDSU. I am majoring in Ag Business with a minor of History. My Big Brother is Alex Spinler. I grew up a few miles south of Plankinton on our family farm. On our farm we run a Simm-Angus cow-calf operation of about 350 head plus we grow corn, oats, wheat, alfalfa, cane, and soybeans. I enjoy working outside, driving tractor, showing cattle in 4-H, hunting, and spending time with friends and family. I am involved with 4-H and my local church.


    Tobin Huelsnitz #1066

    Waseca, MN


    Big Brother:


    Sam Johnson #1067

    Glenville, MN


    Big Brother: Adam Krause

    My name is Samuel Johnson, currently a sophomore at South Dakota State University, double majoring in Agricultural Business and Agricultural Leadership with a Pre-Law emphasis. I grew up on a third generation farm near Glenville, Minnesota where we raised cattle, corn, and soybeans. My big brother in the Alpha Phi chapter is Adam Krause. Upon graduation from South Dakota State University, I hope to continue my education at either Drake University or University of Arkansas to receive my Agricultural Law Degree. With this, I hope to work in agricultural policy to be the voice of the American Farmer on local, state, and national levels.


    Tristin Fliehe #1068

    Tulare, SD


    Big Brother: Alex Spinler

    I grew up on small farm outside of Tulare, SD. We are a small cow/calf operation and farm about 100 acres of crop land. I am an Agronomy major and upon graduation I plan to return home and work for a local CO-OP as an agronomist. 


    Nick Timmerman #1069

    Blaton, MN

    Animal Science

    Big Brother:

         I grew up on a farm outside of Balaton, MN and we have been raising swine before I was even born. We also own two other farms with one outside of Balaton and another outside of Tracy. We own three farms and a little over 10,000 pigs. We have two separate 4,000 finishing barns on two separate farm sites and on the third farm, which is our mailing address, is our 1,500 head sow unit farrow to wean operation.

         I came to SDSU in pursuing an Animal Science major on the business perspective side of it. I joined AGR to help me better myself, become more professional, and social networking. I also joined AGR to help me reach my goals to make a large impact on the swine industry. 


    Zach Pierson #1070

    Glencoe-Silver Lake, MN


    Big Brother: Tony Munsterteiger

         I grew up in a small town on a small farm in Minnesota. My family is mostly hay farmers so I’ve thrown small square bales all my life. I learned to work hard at a young age or you’ll fall behind. My dad thought my sister, brother, and I that you need to work hard to be successful. I was in three sports in high school. I was on the football team in the fall, junior bowling league on the weekends in the winter, and track in the spring. I was also very active in FFA all four years. Not only on the chapter level, but also the regional as well. I was a chapter officer my sophomore, junior, and senior year. I also served on the region officer team my junior and senior year. 

         My plans for the future are to become very active through AGR, graduate, and work for Monsanto as a plant breeder. The past two summers I have been on the pollinating crew at the Stanton facility in Minnesota. While I worked for Monsanto I lived with a full time employee that is also a good friend of mine. He showed me what his job is, what they do every day, and what they are trying to achieve by self-pollinating, and cross pollinating corn plants. This intrigued me and I became convinced that this is what I want to do in life.


    Cameron Trudeau #1071

    Jefferson, SD

    Ag Science

    Big Brother:


    Hunter Schreifels #1072

    Kimball, MN


    Big Brother: Brandon Johnston

    I come from a small farm in central Minnesota. We have about 300 pigs we raise as well as growing close to 200 acres of crops. I spent the last few summers working a granite quarry. i like to fish in my spare time. 


    Adam Manderfeld #1073

    Faribault, MN

    Ag Systems Tech emphasis in Dairy Production

    Big Brother: Anderw Bregel

    I come from the family dairy farm where we have about 110 Milking Shorthorns. Once I’m done with school I would like to work at a local coop and help other farmers for a few years and then eventually return back to the farm and continue raising dairy cattle.


    Paul Sanken #1074

    Hutchinson, MN


    Big Brother:

    I am from a small town in Minnesota called Cedar Mills. I went to school in Hutchinson but actually lived in Cedar Mills. I raised chickens, peacocks, ducks, and pheasants. I first heard of Alpha Gamma Rho from my dad who is an alumni of Lambda chapter at the University of Minnesota. I joined AGR because I needed to get more involved on campus and meet more people. Just being a member for little over a month has made many new connections and has helped me develop better communication and study skills. I love working on engines, riding snowmobiles and fixing electronics.


    Daniel Muller #1075

    Allen, NE

    Animal Science

    Big Brother:

    I come from a family farm operation. We have beef cattle, sell heifer and bulls private treaty and raise corn and soybeans. My plans after college are to hopefully return to the family operation to help out and hopefully one day have my own production sale.


    Scott Lanoue #1076

    Tracy, MN


    Big Brother: Ben Wagner

         My name is Scott Lanoue I am currently a freshman at SDSU from Tracy, Minnesota and I am majoring in agronomy and minoring in Ag business. I grew up on a farm near Tracy, we farm around 300 of corn and soybeans and also raise 600 head of feedlot cattle and 84000 laying hens and I raise about 70 head of my own pigs in the winter. I love being outside, driving tractor, showing pigs for 4-H, fishing, hunting, watching and quoting movies and spending time with my friends and family. I am involved with our local FFA chapter, 4-H, in my church.