Membership Development

  • As stated in the AGR Purpose, the fratermity makes better men by "surrounding our members with influences tending to encourage individual endeavor, resourcefulness and aggressive efforts along lines making for the development of better mental, social, moral and physical qualities." Membership Development is responsible for the moral, mental and fraternal development of the Chapter's members. It is essential that each and every member that joins this organization understands the importance of its values and history.


    Every member that joins this organization goes through an education process to learn more about the history of the fraternity, what the it is about, what opportunities AGR has to offer, and how members themselves can be active in the organization. After going through education, members learn the importance of brotherhood and fellowship in a national organization. Brotherhood is what our organization thrives off of, so it is important that members not only build relationships with others in their own class, but with every single member in the fraternity. 


    Alpha Gamma Rho is an organization that has been around since 1904. For over 100 years, this fraternity has helped make outstanding leaders within the agricultural industry. The experiences and networking members acquire through this organization will help them be successful in their future careers. 


    VNR Membership Development,

    Keith Lent