Dairy Challenge

  • We hope to use this page to recognize any past and current Alpha Gamma Rho men on an SDSU team


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         The North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge (NAIDC) was established as a management contest to incorporate all phases of a specific dairy business. It strives to incorporate a higher-learning atmosphere with practical application to help prepare students for careers in the dairy industry.

         As part of the competition, each four-person team received information about a working dairy, including production and farm-management data. After an in-person inspection of one of three designated dairies, participants conducted interviews with the herd managers. Then each team developed a farm analysis and presentation materials, including recommendations for nutrition, reproduction, milking procedures, animal health, housing and financial management.

    On the second day of the competition, team members gave a Powerpoint presentation and made formal recommendations to a panel of judges, then fielded questions from the judges.


         The Dairy Challenge Academy was developed in 2013 to expand this educational and networking event to more college students. Academy student-participants also analyzed and developed recommendations for operating dairies; however, the Academy was organized in mixed-university teams with two Advisors to help coach these younger students. Academy participants from South Dakota State University included Jennifer Casperson, Sam Fuchs, Emily Martin, Riley Pitman, and Sara Sontag. 



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