Alumni Relations

  • The alumni of the Alpha Phi chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho are an integral part of our organization. Without the support of our alumni, the chapter would not be as successful and prosperous as it is today. It is through alumni support that events such as Pink Rose have turned out to be a success in the past years.


    It is the goal of the Alpha Phi chapter to provide effective communication with all of our alumni across the country on events and news within the chapter. Communication is key to creating and maintaining relationships with our lifelong brothers in order to reach our potential as a chapter.


    Alumni are always welcome to visit the chapter house and join us for meals, meetings, and the many number of activities we are involved in. We enjoy being able to show how far the chapter has progressed and share our ideas on how to progress it further.


    It is through our alumni’s support that we are able to continue making better men.


    VNR Alumni Relations,