Ag House Society

  • Ag House Society

    Founded in the fall of 1956 by Charles Benrud, Mu Beta Beta (meaning “to make the best better”) was located at 812 4th Avenue. The house was designed as a college home for men of past 4-H backgrounds. In the fall of 1957, the 4-H stipulation was dropped, and the house name was changed to Hobo Hall. It was discontinued in the spring of 1958 due to complaints of rowdiness.

         In the fall of 1958, the Ag. House Society was formed again by Charles Benrud (Lambda) and his wife. Nineteen members were initiated, and Merle Peterson was elected president. In 1960, they moved to 903 3rd Street, still retaining the name Ag. House Society.

         A petition was submitted and Alpha Phi became a colony in 1959. The chapter was officially granted a charter on Founder's Day, April 25, 1964. The nineteen members of the colony, along with seventeen pledges, were initiated. On June 15, 1964, the house moved to 1212 3rd Street. As the house capacity was 28, some actives and pledges lived in nearby apartments. The house remained there until 1976.






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    For more photos of the Initiation on October 6, 2006 please see the Alpha Gamma Rho Alumni Association Facebook group