2019 Strategic Plan

  • Alpha Phi Strategic Plan

    November 22nd and 23rd 2019

    Vision Statement

    To be the Premier Fraternity in developing leaders by fostering an environment of excellence resulting in a positive impact on each brother, the community, and the food, fiber, and life science industry.


    Recruitment Goal Statement

    To recruit & retain quality men with an interest in agriculture that aggressively pursue their goals and enhances personal development, communities, and Alpha Gamma Rho.

    Action Steps

    -Define membership criteria and expectations in writing.

    VNR Recruitment- January 13th 2020

    -Develop and maintain a List of at least 100 Potential Brothers

    *VNR Recruitment (Entire Chapter Effort)

    *Within three weeks of semesters start

    -Develop and Maintain a Recruitment Plan

    *Aggressively engage Alumni for Possible Brother Suggestions

    *Develop and initiate follow up review of recruitments success

    *A week after extending bids

    *Develop and execute a review of new recruits to monitor their engagement to retain them.

    *Review and enhance recruitment events

    *VNR Recruitment

    *December 15th 2019

    -Train All brothers, Undergrad and Alumni, to the Recruitment Plan

     *VNR Recruitment & Alumni Recruitment Liaison

    *Before the First Recruitment Event

    -Market the Chapter / Go find the Individuals

    *Develop a Recruitment Video

    *VNR Recruitment

    *Tape and be ready to Distribute by Little I

    -Grow and maintain Chapter membership of at least 60 brothers.

    *VNR Recruitment & VNR Membership Development

    *December of 2022

    -Select a Recruitment Liaison from Alumni Association Board

    *Create a Brochure of Testimonials from Alumni Members to hand out

    *Individualized letter from an Alumni to explain why they are wanted.

    *Todd Heine


    Accountability Goal Statement

    To stimulate and achieve a culture where each brother meets and promotes the lifelong expectations of the fraternity.

    Action Steps:

    -Develop the expectations for every brother to live by. Also Develop an expectations sheet for Prospective brothers both what is expected from them and what they can expect from the chapter.

    *Covenant +

    *Noble Ruler and Exec Council

    *First Exec meeting of every semester

    -Communicate Expectations to all current, alumni, and prospective brothers.

    *Noble Ruler and Exec Council

    *First meeting of every semester

    -Develop an Accountability Contract for Every brother to agree too and sign. -Revamp and implement the Big Brother Program

    *Noble Ruler and Exec Council

    *First meeting of Every semester

    -Hold every brother accountable by setting deadlines, communication, and implementing expectations within the chapter.

    *Every brother is responsible to hold Every brother accountable.

    *Noble Ruler, Advisor, and Big Brother. If problem persists move towards Expulsions.

    *Empower the Advisor and Alumni Association President to motivate the brothers.

    *Create a Out-of-House Liaison Exec Position

    Communication Goal Statement

    To optimize effective communication and engagement with all brothers and their communities.

    Action Steps:

    -Develop a communication plan

    *Communicating with Alumni

    *Produce the Crescent and Release it By December 1st and May 1st

    *Utilize email blasts monthly by the 1st of the month.

    *Implement an Alumni Mentor Program for Executive Council, with bi-weekly communications.

     *Monthly Improvements/updates to the Alumni Facebook Page and Website

    *Founders Day- One of the first home football games, dependent on scheduling.

    *VNR Alumni Relations VNR Membership Development and Computer Chair

    -Communicating with Prospective Brothers

    *Creating and handing out recruitment flyers at the beginning of each semester

    *Reach out to high school seniors with video and flyers

    *Build our recruitment list during the FFA state convention meal.

    -Social Media Channels

    *VNR Recruitment and VNR Membership Development

    *By the Beginning of every semester

    -Communicating with The University

    *At least 2 Prominent University employees, Faculty, and/or University Leadership for supper per month

    *Communicate positive events to University Outlets.

    *Send Crescent to University President, Deans, Professors, and Greek life Advisor.

    *VNR Planning VNR Membership Development and IFC Delegate

    *Ongoing with Minimum of 1 Communication with the University per month

    -Communicating with The Community

    *Two Articles in the Brookings Register.

    *Utilize social media accounts to engage the community.

    *Inviting Community leaders to Supper.

    *Talk to community clubs

    *VNR Activities VNR Planning and Noble Ruler

    *Ongoing with Minimum of 1 Communication with the community bi monthly at the minimum

    -Communicating with Undergraduate Brothers

    *Make sure everyone is aware of events

    *Brotherhood events to continue bonding

    *Brotherhood and Chapter review

    *Training on how to Communicate

    *Distribute the meeting agenda and stick too it

    *Bonding Activity within the meeting

    *Establish an official channel of communication- E-mail

    *Noble Ruler and Exec Committee

    Housing Goal Statement

    To provide a safe, appealing, and affordable place to live that promotes Brotherhood and lifelong friendships.

    Action Steps:

    -Effectively manage inventory within the house.

    -Small scale Bi-weekly housing projects

    *VNR Management Operations and External

    -Monitor, report, and prioritize significant house improvement needs.

    *VNR Management Operations and External

    *Report to Undergraduates Bi-Weekly; Report to Alumni Association quarterly

    -Continue to utilize Semesterly housing contract.

    *Review and Update semesterly

    -Housing Committee

    *Require a report with options from the housing committee by December 31, 2020.

    *Have a feasibility report by December 31, 2021.

    *Decide on which option is the best by May 2022.

    *Start fundraising to cover costs of decision.

    *Have final project complete by Fall of 2025.

    *Housing Committee

    Leadership/Involvement Goal Statement

    To cultivate a spirit of proactive leadership and encourage involvement in the chapter and communities.

    Action Steps:

    -Encourage our brothers to be actively engaged in the chapter.

    *Require all brothers to take positions within the chapter.

    *Require all brothers to visit other Alpha Gamma Rho chapters.

    *Maintain detailed brother to brother record of involvement.

    *Require all brothers to utilize AGRConnect and the Alpha Phi Website.

    *Require all alumni association directors to complete the Alumni centric AGRConnect Modules.

    *Encourage all members to attend at least one Leadership Conference or Recruitment School.

    *VNR Membership Development, Noble Ruler, and Computer Chair

    Encourage our brothers to be actively engaged on campus.

    *Require all brothers to be actively engaged in at least one on-campus organization

    *Encourage brothers to be involved with CAFES Ambassadors and/or Admissions Ambassadors.

    *VNR Activities Advisor, and Alumni Association Board of Directors

    -Encourage our brothers to be actively engaged in the community.

    Require all members to participate in a philanthropic event.

    *VNR Activities, Advisor, and Alumni Association Board of Directors

    *Chapter Level One per Month; Individual One per Semester


    Steps to Success


    1. Introduce the Material to the Chapter

    2. Send out to the Alumni

    3. Post Vision Statement in the House

    4. Post Goal Statements chronologically and Check off as completed

    5. Send a Copy to Zane and Home Office

    6. Keith Lent is Accountable for Execution of the Strategic Plan

    7. Breakdown by Accountability of Officer

    8. Exec Committee is responsible for checking Progress twice a month

    9. Plan Another Strategic Planning Session in 2-3 years

    10. Pass this Plan Down Year to Year